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About Assam Skill University

The Assam Skill University is being setup under External Aid Project (EAP) funded by Asian Development Bank. The Department of Economics Affairs, GoI has approved the financial assistance of $112 Million to ADB on 14th November 2019. The value of Project will be $140 Million (approx. Rs. 1,000 Cr) including the state share of 20%. Assam Skill University Act-2020 has already been passed by the Assam Legislative Assembly in September 2020 and the university has started its initial activities from guwahati office situated at DECT, Rehabari, Guwahati. The state government has already allotted 250 bighas land in Mangaldai ( Darrang District ) for the Skill University, located about 74 kilometers east of Guwahati, and falling within 25 kilometers of National Highway 27 connecting Guwahati with other major cities in Assam.

Chancellor's Message


Evolution of human history is marked with several significant breakthroughs. Skilling of human hand is one such sacred phases of human growth and development. The human hand with its long dexterous fingers and opposable thumb gives it flexibility and ability to create wonder.

India has the youngest population in the world and to equip this young demography with scientific and technological knowhow and to involve them in gainful employment, it is essential that we skill our youth adequately. Though we have the best-in-class educational institutions, skilling has remained an uncharted territory. Thus, we endeavour to develop a healthy skill education for product development and service delivery. It is with this vision and mission; we started Assam Skill University at Mangaldai to transform our youth into highly productive resources required by the industries for the industrial and economic growth of the state.

Dr.Himanta Biswa Sarma
Chief Minister Assam

Minister's Message

“The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.”

— Robert Greene

The hastily developing society of today demands more than just good scores and it also highlights the importance of acquiring valuable skills. In addition to excelling, students need to acquire skills that will benefit them to enhance the physical, artistic, and emotional aspects of their lives and survive in this competitive world. Students easily develop employable skills when they receive a holistic education. With the latest technology that enables audio-visual learning and interactive and smart classrooms, our pupils stand a better possibility to become more competent and capable. Skill development in the curriculum simplifies the transition from student to working professional; and as a cherry on top, the nation can have a superior workforce in the making.

Shri Jayanta Mallabaruah
Public Health Engineering, Skill, Employment & Entrepreneurship and Tourism Departments


Vice-chancellor's Message


One of the most important attributes to make our young population productive is to make them skilled. Vocational or the skill education is the most common way to achieve it. In some of the developed nations like, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland etc., around 40% of the youths opt for vocational education (ITI level), around 30% goes for Polytechnique level technical skill training and the rest 30% goes for general higher education after class 10th standard. Thus, there is availability of skilled manpower with very high level of employment opportunities. This also results in maintaining a balance between supply and demand of the general higher education graduates. However, In India, it is observed that bulk of students go for general higher education rather than vocational or skill training.

Shri Subhash Chandra Das, IAS (Retd.)
Vice-Chancellor Assam Skill University, Mangaldai

Our Center of Excellence

The Assam Skill University is being setup under External Aid Project (EAP) funded Asian Development Bank.

Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Center for Life Skills and Languages
Center for Faculty and Curriculum Development
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