Vice Chancellor


Shri Subhash Chandra Das, IAS (Retd.)
Vice-Chancellor Assam Skill University, Mangaldai

Vice-chancellor's Message

One of the most important attributes to make our young population productive is to make them skilled. Vocational or the skill education is the most common way to achieve it. In some of the developed nations like, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland etc., around 40% of the youths opt for vocational education (ITI level), around 30% goes for Polytechnique level technical skill training and the rest 30% goes for general higher education after class 10th standard. Thus, there is availability of skilled manpower with very high level of employment opportunities. This also results in maintaining a balance between supply and demand of the general higher education graduates. However, In India, it is observed that bulk of students go for general higher education rather than vocational or skill training. But the general higher education system has not been able to provide employment to majority of our youths. The reason for unemployment of the graduates of the general higher education system is mainly two, (i) lack of skills among the graduates, and (ii) the disbalance between demand and supply of general graduates.

It is also seen that youths do not opt for vocational or skill education is due to the social inhibitions attached to vocational or skill education. This is also not considered to be an alternative to general higher education and perceived as lower than that of general higher education degrees. But in reality, the scope of employment for skilled youths are much higher than that of general education degree holders. Even not all the engineering graduates do not get gainful employment.

Only students with academic excellence and / or with the inclination towards research & development activities should ideally pursue general higher education. Skilled manpower ensures gainful employment at young age. And the advantage of skilled youths are that, even while working, the interested may choose to go for higher education.

Keeping in mind the Skill Vision of 2015 and The New Education Policy of 2020 (NEP-2020), Government of Assam established Assam Skill University (ASU) through The Assam Skill University Act, 2020.

ASU aims at building a robust Skill Ecosystem linked to Employment, Industrialization and Entrepreneurship integrated to the education system. Youths to be trained at ASU would be equipped with right skills to ensure gainful employment and / or become a successful entrepreneur.

State-of-the-Art infrastructure, industry linked up-to-date programs and curriculums, focus on rigorous on-the-job training and highly rated trainers would be the four pillars of ASU. Thus, it is obvious that ‘quality skill training’ would be the single most important agenda of ASU.

ASU has plans to become one of the best skilling hubs not only in India but in entire South East Asian countries and the team ASU is leaving no stone unturned towards its journey to achieve this objective.

I extend my invitation to the aspiring students to join ASU and assure that with the skill education at this University, you shall have a bright and successful future. True to ASU’s punch line ‘Skill for Prosperity’, ASU promises prosperity of the youths through quality skill training.

Come and be part of this amazing skill training experience!